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1stepbeyond_cvrIn 2009 Running Wild’s founder, Mal Law, set out to become the first person ever to run New Zealand’s 7 mainland Great Walks in just 7 days.

To succeed he would need to run the equivalent of nine mountain marathons back to back.

Recounted in One Step Beyond, what followed is an uplifting story of determination, courage, camaraderie, out-and-out hard yakka, and, ultimately, triumph. We share the endorphin-fuelled ecstasy and the agony of doubts, fears, blood, sweat and tears that became Mal’s life for nine months.

Vividly written and disarmingly candid, One Step Beyond is a story that will astound, enthral and inspire.

Available direct from the Running Wild Shop for the ridiculously reasonable price of NZ$30 + p&p.

Review by Dean Karnazes, Ultramarathon runner and best-selling author

“Mal dealt with loss and adversity, yet he overcame them in an extraordinary way. In taking One Step Beyond he proves that while the human body may have its limitations, the human spirit is truly boundless.”

Review by Steve Gurney, athlete and author of Lucky Legs and Eating Dirt:

“Mal takes you right along with him on his running odyssey. Sometimes you travel alongside him, sometimes you travel in his head, and occasionally in his heart.  It’s very real; so real that I felt my heart rate rise on the run stories, I felt the sweat start, and dare I say it, I even feel fitter for having read it!

He took on an enormous challenge, and shares how he went about organising and motivating himself and others to achieve his audacious personal running mission.

Read this book if you want to be inspired, if you’d like real examples on how to attract sponsorship and support, and if you’d like a role model on how to turn a dream into an outstanding achievement.”

Review by Anna Frost, world-class trail runner with Salomon International

“Mal’s journey really is a compelling story about ‘an ordinary guy’ achieving extraordinary things. Through tears, laughs and beautiful visions of the stunning trails Mal takes us on, you feel the intense highs and the deep hollows that he and his thousands of family, friends and supporters pushed through to achieve their dream, inspiring and encouraging countless more people in their footsteps.
Thanks Mal for your tireless enthusiasm to our sport & writing such a ‘Must Read’ book”



19 Responses to What’s New?

  1. Will the book be available through Amazon for Kindle etc? Looking forwards to reading the book for inspiration for my upcoming ultra

  2. As the song says;
    Hey you
    Don’t watch that watch this
    this is the heavy heavy monster sound
    the nuttiest sound around
    so if you’ve come in the off the street
    and you’re beginning to feel the heat
    well listen buster you better start to move your feet
    to the rockinest rock steady beat of madness
    one step beyond repeated.- 7 times!
    Well done with book – I ‘am sure it’s going to be a great read.

  3. Facebook campaign is working well Mal. I’ll be ordering a copy…good luck!

  4. Congratulations on both your adventures and the publishing of your book. I have placed my order already. Looking forward to the inspiration!

  5. Vivian Cheng says:

    Hi Mal! I would love to buy a copy please. Am looking forward to reading it. Well done!! Please let me know details re payment etc. Thanks! :o)

  6. Jane K says:

    Congrats Mal! I am looking forward to reading your book very much. How you have time to run all those Km’s and write I book I don’t know but it’s impressive 🙂 Have pre-ordered my copy and am hoping that reading it will be the kick up the trail-arse that I desperately need at the moment!

  7. Leonor says:

    just ordered mine today !! Thanks Jess for the tip =)

  8. Fiona says:

    What an amazing story. I have just finished the book in 2 days. No longer will I feel the “shame” of walking up some hills, and this has given me the motivation to keep going. Am looking forward to the trail running holidays starting!!!

  9. steve n says:

    Just polished off in 2 days, could not put it down. Knowing the tracks down south i could feel myself running with you. Having watched it unfold wishing i could have been apart was great, i have now been able to join in a small way. Good mix of personal feelings and the idiocies of heading off for a mission maintaining constant motion. Congrats on a good read. The valley leading from Blenheim is Wairau! p81


    • malcolmlaw says:

      Thanks for the feedback Steve. Doh! Of course it’s the Wairau – I knew that! Good to know that even the unbelievably eagle-eyed editor let one through though 🙂

      • steve says:

        Super book, i read a lot and this is a compelling read. I’m writing essays at UNI at the moment, pardon my edit!
        Take care and congratulations


  10. Esther says:

    Hi Mal, I’m reading your book at the moment. Your story is so amazing and inspiring. Thanks for sharing your incredible adventures with the world! I ran the 7in7 Twin Lakes Marathon back in 2010 but haven’t done much serious running since then. Time to get a move on! 🙂

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