Wild Polls

What are the toughest trail races in NZ?

What makes a trail race TOUGH? Is it the distance? The vertical gain/loss? The steepness of the country it passes through? The technicality of the terrain? The remoteness? The weather conditions you expect to encounter? How much gear you need to carry? Or some combination of all these things? Using your own ideas about what constitutes ‘TOUGH’ let us know which THREE of the races listed below you think are the TOUGHEST.


Which rock stars would you most like to run with?

These two polls – one for men, one for women – have been incredibly difficult to put together because there were so many class acts & all round good people nominated by the Running Wild community. In the end we had to make our own selection from all the dozens of names that were put forward. Please don’t think about who’s NOT on the list and instead think about which of these awesome athletes you’d most like to spend a long day on the trails with. It’s not just about who you admire the most but also about who you think would make the most interesting, enjoyable & supportive companions.

So vote away & please do share this page with all your trail running friends, so they too can have their say.





Your favourite NZ trail races

We were going to run this as one poll covering the whole country but in the first round of nominations there were so many great races suggested on both islands that we just had to split them out. So here they are – 10 of the best from each island – which ONE on each island most makes your soul sing and your trail shoes dance with delight?





21 Responses to Wild Polls

  1. where is Northburn for the south Island ???

    • malcolmlaw says:

      Sorry but Northburn didn’t get enough mentions in our first ‘nominations’ round, so has not been included.

      • Sue says:

        Thats because everyone who does it always say they aren’t coming back – but thats just not true… 3rd time round 2014 for me 🙂

  2. Marina Brun-Smits says:

    And what about the Northburn 100 – brutally wild!

  3. malcolmlaw says:

    Sorry but Northburn didn’t get enough mentions in our first ‘nominations’ round, so has not been included.

  4. KDay the king of the North says:

    Come on HawkesBay!!

  5. Dan Greig says:

    What about the Molesworth Station Probably our oldest ultra.

    • malcolmlaw says:

      Sorry Dan but it wasn’t put forward by anybody when we sought nominations for the poll. Also debatable whether its a true trail race – is gravel road trail or road?

  6. Ron says:

    My true heart felt answer would have been “whatever harebrained event me and my friends cook up or lay challenge to”

  7. Bernie O'Fagan says:

    my south island vote was for the routeburn, but one i found by accident this year and rivals the scenery in my opinion is the St James, with Arrowsmith mountain marathon very close behind, cheers Mal

  8. I was going to vote St James or the Motatapu.

    • malcolmlaw says:

      Yeah, both good candidates but alas they didn’t get enough support when we called for nominations for the ‘top 10’

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  10. HI Malcolm
    Just wondering, were there any mentions in your first ‘nominations’ roundround for any of the 3D Rotorua Multisport festival Trail runs in the Redwoods Forest? http://www.3drotorua.co.nz
    Cheers Neil

  11. ianhandcock says:

    Can’t vote if the SURF 2 FIRTH bush marathon isn’t up there.

    • malcolmlaw says:

      Sorry about that Ian. It’s a cool event but just didn’t get enough support in our initial ‘nominations’ round

  12. ClintTauri says:

    Kepler gets my SI vote and all the entry fees go to Charities

  13. Peter Ware says:

    Pity we can’t give a 1-2-3 vote and add the weighted votes. I would love to have voted for three of them – Wild Turkey, West Coaster and Coastal Challenge. The Big O is up there too but it didn’t make the cut, plus it has had to change twice in the last two years unfortunately. I’d like to do The Goat and the Kauri Run and they might be worth a vote too.

  14. Paul says:

    Interesting …..But perhaps divide by the average field and you may/will get a bit of a different picture?!

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