South Island Trails

The South Island is world-renowned for its spectacular alpine scenery. While this provides some of the most breathtaking trail running on the planet it’s not all that’s on offer in this southern paradise. To snow-capped peaks and high passes add lush west coast bush, golden sand beaches, old miners’ trails, lakeside paths and much, much more.

We have grouped the Wild Trails runs by area. Just click on any of the area links below and you’ll get a brief description of the area, useful links for finding out more about it, and of course our smorgasbord menu of trail running appetisers, main courses and desserts. Bon appetit you Wild Things.

Note: we rely on contributions from the Running Wild community to make this guide as comprehensive and useful as possible. Please help by sharing your favourite runs with us – just download a Wild Trails Template, fill it out and return by email. Thanks for your help.




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