Wild Events

At Running Wild we want to inspire people to get out and run on our glorious trails. And if that also involves raising funds for a worthy cause then so much the better!

Wild Events are one way of doing just this. We love staging events – apart from anything else they are a great way of making new friends and expanding the Running Wild community and ethos.

There are two main sorts of event that we organise, usually with a partner events company at our side:

1. Film Evenings: nothing whets the appetite for trail running like watching others pursuing their passion. For news on upcoming film evenings click here.

2. Running Events: it’s what inspired people do… they run in events. So as well as participating in lots of them, we like to put on the odd one too! Read more…

New Ideas: At Running Wild we pride ourselves on our creative thinking abilities. Mal made his living for many years helping major food & drink companies come up with new ideas and now he’s gagging to do the same for people seeking to organise a fundraising event. Obviously, there needs to be a bit of trail running involved somewhere, but that’s about the only limitation. So if you are looking for a creative spark to help a good cause talk to Mal.