The Coromandel is renowned worldwide for its natural beauty – misty rainforests and pristine golden beaches, the Coromandel is blessed with hundreds of natural hideaways and lots of trail running opportunities.

For a general introduction to the area check out The Coromandel website

Coromandel Coast:

The Great OH (Orokawa – Homunga Bay) Trail, Waihi Beach

Kaimia Ranges:

The Kaimai Range (part of Kaimai Mamaku State Forest Park) is a continuation of the Coromandel Range that stretches south between SH2 (the Paeroa-Waihi road through the Karangahake Gorge) and SH29 to Tauranga.

The 37,000 ha forest park is a living museum of natural and human history.The park marks the northern limit of kamahi, red and silver beech,and the southern limit of the huge kauri. Birdlife includes the fantail, North Island Robin,kereru (native pigeon), waxeye or silver-eye, tui and tomtit

One look at the topo maps for the area reveals a dense network of tramping tracks that offer a great playground for the adventurous trail runner.

There is an excellent DOC website that will give you a lot more information on the area.

The Kaimai Killer


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